Semester and Master Projects

I currently offer the following semester/master theses:

If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me. We may be able work out a suitable topic together. My reserach interests lie in the area of low-power/energy networked embedded systems design. Currently I'm working on energy aware sensor nodes and investigate how knowledge of battery capacity can be leveraged to improve component scheduling and hence extend the system lifetime while maximizing data yield and quality.

In the past, I have supervised the following theses:

Master Theses

  • F. Sutton, "Ultra-low Power Hierarchical Sensing", 2012.Thesis as pdf.

Group Projects

  • P. Zähner, T. Gatschet, P. Sanmugarajah, P. Wälchli, B. Koncz, J. Gantner, S. Christen, M. Urech, M. Röthlisberger, "TimeGenie", 2015. Report as pdf.

Semester Theses

  • J. Amstutz, "Wind Energy Harvester Power Subsystem", 2014. Report as pdf.

  • A. Dobnikar, "Power Management for the CoreStation Platform", 2013. Report as pdf.

  • M. Steichen, "NiMH Battery State-of-Charge Approximation", 2013. Report as pdf.

  • D. Aschwanden, "Battery State of Charge Modeling: A Light-weight Trace-Based Approximation Approach", 2012. Report as pdf.

  • K. Hreinsson, A. Hjartarson, "An evaluation of low-cost inertial sensors for hierarchical sensing", 2012. Report as pdf.

  • F. Sutton, "GPS-equipped Wireless Sensor Node for PermaSense", 2010. Report as pdf.

  • P. Guillet, "Online GPS for PermaSense WSN", 2010. Report as pdf.